CNA Certification in Colorado Mandatory

In order to safeguard the public health, property, life and public welfare of the citizens of CO from unauthorized and unqualified nurse assistants in a health care facility, the state of Colorado general assembly has established a regulatory authority, the Colorado Board of Nursing.

The Board regulates nurse aides practice in a medical facility and oversees nurse assistants without NurseAide Certification in Colorado do not practice in a facility, endangering the life and health of the public.The establishment of Board also meets the provisions of the federal “Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987” (OBRA-87) legislation.

The federal OBRA requires each state to establish a CNA training program to train individuals in basic nursing care skills and knowledge. The federal legislation further requires states to evaluate the competency level of nurse aides through competency test before they are certified.

In the state of Colorado, the responsibility to carry out OBRA provisions has been entrusted to the CO Board of nursing. The Board approves or disapproves CO Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP) and oversees the implementation of OBRA provisions in the state training programs.

The CO Board of Nursing requires a nurse assistant to complete the training program conducted by a school, community college, technical institute or long term care facility. The program curriculum includes classroom course training and clinical hands-on experience. The program courses and training must provide knowledge and skills essential to meet the needs of ailing patients and population in a medical facility. The course curriculum is also developed in such a manner that the applicants with limited literacy skills can also complete the program comfortably.

In order to meet the federal OBRA requirements of competency evaluation of a nurse assistant, the Board administers Competency Evaluation Program at selected sites throughout the state. The test evaluates the nursing knowledge and skills of a candidate through a Written/Oral Test and Skill Test. The trainee who successfully passes the competency test is certified and offered aNurse Aide Certification in Colorado. The successful certified nurse aide is also registered with the CO Nurse Aide Registry and becomes eligible for the Board offered CNA license number for performing health care related tasks in approved hospitals and health clinics.

Therefore, an individual wishing to enter health care sector for an entry level nursing job to work as a frontline direct patient care worker must prove his/her quality nursing care competency through a CNA Certification in Colorado.