A Brief Overview of Orthodontic Treatment for Kids, Teenagers and Adults

An early evaluation and treatment plan is beneficial for kids with orthodontic problems. A family dentist advises parents when it’s time to take their children to an orthodontist to begin the process of straightening teeth and correcting the bite. A dental practice that has both general dentists and orthodontists providing care is ideal for helping families with kids who need dental braces. An example of this type of clinic can be viewed at the website https://www.tiogadental.com.

A broad range of dental issues cause a need for orthodontic care. Children may have an overbite or an underbite. Some of their teeth may be too crowded, which can make it difficult to keep those teeth clean. Cavities may develop between the teeth if a toothbrush or floss cannot easily reach those areas.

A common problem is when the growing mouth was too small for all the adult teeth in front to come in normally, so one or two of the teeth adjacent to the front teeth grow in somewhat above and in front of where they should be. In contrast, there may be gaps between teeth, which is a cosmetic issue when the gaps are at the front of the mouth. Problems with the bite can lead to excessive wear on the teeth and, possibly, to a painful condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder. Treatment by an orthodontist can be considered both a smile makeover and an important functional therapy.

Adults also can obtain orthodontic treatment from a clinic such as Tioga Dental & Orthodontics. Often, these individuals are unwilling to wear standard braces, but they can benefit from wearing clear removable aligners. This is an option for some teenagers as well, as long as the patients are willing to comply with the program. That means wearing the aligners nearly all the time, including while sleeping, going on a date and hanging around with friends. The main times dentists advise patients to remove the aligners is before eating food and drinking any beverage except water. When the aligners are over the teeth, the teeth should be clean or the risk of tooth decay increases.